LYRICS: 'Prototype Flow' by Sliq Teq

Am like an acrobat, hurdle thru the hoops of faaya
Gettin high notes for ma beats like I know Mariah
Talk is cheaper when you got nothin to give you the back up
Sed am not a rapper, I am a music creator
Doin somethin innovational, international
So sliq thats the twitter handle case you didnt know
Plus am workin on the visuals fo ma audios
Makin changes if you one of them then its adios

When I decided i was gona do me
(all the way)
First thing i wanted was create my own shit (daily)
Better with practice i ain't trippin no more
If it aint trickin you aint got it
On ma prototype flow

Told me that they hatin cuz they wanna be me (ah yeah)
They disrespect the hustle that is in me (lately)
Somebody say they gona miss you when you're gone
N I ain't in this bitch forever
Go harder or go,... home
How much does a shilling really cost
How long it gon take for me to become boss
How much it took to nail Jesus to the cross
Couple haters, non believers, plenty of sinners
Even the son of God had a buncha haters
We just the sons of men, people gotta hate us
Aint lookin for yo love, am seekin out fo greatness
Like the bible I got lots o verses, am relentless

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