LYRICS: 'Wabula Naawe' by Young Cardamom & HAB

What? The guy said what? That’s he’s the best? Oli serious? Ajagala kiboko. Kiboko!

What's up?
Man what’s up?
What’s up?
Man what’s up wabula naawe?
Oliwa? Oliwa?
Let’s get together.
Oliwa? Oliwa?
Let’s get together
Oliwa? Oliwa?
Let’s get together
And we settle this thing once and forever

Verse 1: YC

I’m the best, passed the test, I’m ahead of the rest
That’s why I get so worked up when I hear of this pest
So now we gonna meet up and put an end to this mess
About to whoop this dude’s ass from the east to the west
I mean, yo
You really thinking you coming for me?
I mean, so
Obwongo mweguli?
I mean o,
You really think in all UG
I mean,
People love more than the great YC?
Naaye ssebo,
Gwani, naaye ssebo, gwani?
Babuza ani
mbuno flaani?
I’ll finish you like food on Suwani
Onatero kuduka ngaNkoko
Naatera okukuba kiboko
Njagala nkukube ngato,
Si socko
Si socko


Verse 2: HAB

Ah wabula
You are talking too much but I know you miss jambula
Why, why you do that?
You know we run the streets in the game rapping coola
Coola, nakula chakula na mulla
Ntatupa marap kunye uso na ntulla
Kama na vimba you run of the ruler
Mimi ni simba so call me the bulla
Bulla…..I meant to say a bully
Nairobi, Kampala the other Kibuli
The cities I own coz they are filled with Bimuli
I sit in my house, eating food in Bakuli
Tonyizza nkukyawe
Don’t mess with the beat coz am bringing more fire
Spinning the game and we rolling like tire
Like tire
Like tire!


3rd Verse: YC

It’s just you and me mwana
Oli ready?
Oli steady?
Ima hit you with the fist
Ima hit you with the foot
Gonna hit you so hard,
You’ll pray for omufu
Like, gwe
Like, gwe


Na-we we gonna do this my way
You’re my enemy and not my buddy
Blow out your candles like a birthday
Freestyle nawewe ….no no kilele
Ntapika mambo ni kama mucele
Sasa songa mbele
So whatsup wabulla lele

Extended Chorus

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