LYRICS: 'Tubakalakata' by Lifesan

Cease no fire.. Dancehall!..
Cease no fire!!
Cease no fire...

Girl u light up the scene,
You set the fire dancehall machine..
The way u dance on the scene
Lifesan representing !

Big up on the dancehall machines in the place......
Big up on Buki solja's injections you get
Big up latinuum,Big up A-Pass, Nutty Dred,Nutty Neithan and Zil Zil !!!!

Tubakalakata ragga
We get paid!
Tubakalakata ragga
We get paid
Tubakalakata ragga
We get paid,we make money from dancehall daily.
(Chorus x 2)

I never knew I could be a dancehall star!!!
Makaka kritic tell me seh I'm a dancehall star
Nico jah jah himself told me I'm a dancehall star.. Yes, I'm a dancehall
Some body almost stept down!!
What are you afraid of??
My mother asked me every time...
So,Dancehall non-stop to the world
Again.. Dancehall non-stop..
To the world !!;

(Chorus x 2)

Yeye yeye
Ah nuh me fi bow wit !!
Genius goddy production
No body can test..

(Repeat Hook )

(Chorus x 2 )

(Repeat part 1 and Hook)

With regards,All lyrics rights reserved by lifesan.This song was composed on the moskato riddim,as a free style in studio.

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