LYRICS: 'Oga' by Staythy

My sweet sweet love
Am singing this song
Because l love u so so much
Nothing thy say can change my mind oh
Its in my heart
I feel it in my heart oh
My Oga..
Sweet, sweet, sweet Oga


Look inna mi eyes oh
I love u with one heart oh
You welcome mi in yo arms
Yo touch is real good oh
This is our generation now
No turning back bubu
Generations to generations oh
I adore u ..yeah!

N l go love u,love u love u love u oga
I go love u love u love u love u
Anything for u
Am giving you my body
Am giving you my soul
Gin imito kooba
This na be the full truth

Chorus: You bring adifference in me yeah...Oga Oga oh
That nobody can do..Oga Oga oh
( Show me show me show me yo love oh..Oga Oga ohx2)

This no wonder it go take yo wahala away
If u still de not,think twice baby
People de say l go change
But u no go listen to them oh
Its not the money honey
We go stick forever together
Darling papa oh
I go love u love u love.....u

U see am seeking my baby oh
Am seeking my man oh
My sweety potato
My honey honey(Oga oh)

N l go love u love u love u love u oga
I go love u love u love u

Chorus x1

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