LYRICS: 'Tugyendane' by Finest UG


Lightning strikes
Finest UG
Tugyendane huh
Tugyendane nkorekye Tata na Mama?
Tugyendane omunsi yona

(Verse 1)

Little girl,why be in love with a rapper?

Why promise being in love forever?
And honestly i aint perfect like i pretend to be
You know all this and still believe in me!
I had a girlfriend,when we was in highschool
The teacher hated on us
We passed notes
I was never off her thighs
We went really crazy in love
We spent cash in many more unlawful things
We shopped skinny jeans
Though i never liked being on dinner dates
I her her pigtails
We rocked on Nansana streets
With Val,the nigga with dreadlocks
-I trusted you bitch-
Musasizi mukama otandekyerera
Omu bahara boona niiwe niwe ndikwesiga
Niwe ndikwenda anzarire abaana
Sometimes,i feel like i aint speaking my words
Like am channeling a voice
I wasnt believing in love
2,3,4 i lost them all
Then now i got you believing in a gangstar
With many dreams
And now am paying the price on the mic
Cause soon or later i go be the main man


Tugyendane tugyendane?
Tugyendane kabale?
Mbarara na Masaka
Tugyenda kampala
America na Asia?
Nkorekye Tata na Mama

(Verse 2)

I pray we never collide with an iceberg along
Listen to this song
Go deeper than the words
You know
If walls would move
The streets would picture us
Like facebook and instagram models
We would be famous
My dream wasnt built by max Reinhardt
This girl said you can win if you really want it
I used to think you're sindi Dlatthu
I used to have nigs in the neighborhood
They say,the drunk never lie
I sipped on this love
And realised change
Sex is exploding in movies and literature
On the streets,in homes nomubikiriza
Akishiki ninka Rhema
Kine dimples ninkakunda
Shana nkatware aha kelezia
Tushabe omoyo orikwera atwiheho ebikorimo
Nka feliches,caritas na Romeo
Nkatere empeta kanzarire abarongo
So when I die uhh
Remember the games in the bedroom
I broke alot of women's hearts before
Lord,listen to my excuses
I guess it was the only way to man up
Only way to man up



Yah baby
Music is a feeling that you must live
Express therefore your feelings baby
People come
And people hurt in our lives
Now we must be loud in choosing our loves
You are the best i will live with
Make me forget the past i have been into
Make me forget the loves i have been with

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