LYRICS: 'Concentrate' by A Stark

Call mi your best friend gyal
Now awo let you
Coz am in love wid and no otha gyal

Concetrate gyal*3
Am coming for you

Look no back my lola switch
Position like a very rasta
Mi love you control mi direction
Any way ah go gyal must go follow me
Ono muwala talina waade ka reason
Anjagaliladala she Call mi romeo
Bagy gyal na worry bout danger
Long term be wid you forever
Sulayako am so loaded
Listen to mi ah go sing dis
You need to be so humble

(Chrous )
Concentrate gyal *3
Am coming for you

Jukila luli baby gyal wajjanba
Tugende ku dinner
Ah took tym to be so dopper
Oh ma sight to see your beauty
Body inna dress so clean and so fresh
Walking to mi ah fill the city
Entry gyal no need no money
Onyilila oshanana okilako malayika
Come closer mbeli nawe
Bwotagya mpulila nga nsana wo
Sulayako am so loaded


(Intro )

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