LYRICS: 'Could Be Us' by Drum3r Ft TG Power

That could be us riding around in a new car
We could be chilling somewhere on the rooftop
We could be all over the world buh will never ever will get there, boy
Coz you always be tripping tripping man you gotta stop
Look, baby look i see u got future dreams, we gonna work hard so they can come true
We've been in hustle everyday n that's true, i promise u baby girl we gonna make it through, yeah
I really care abt yr life and that's true i got a surprise fr u ma love ope that's cool?
Call me DRUM3R one more time with the (R) gonna buy u a new house my love with a pool
Am sorry for the bad games I've bn playing buh now its time for DRUM3R bby to make a change
I've been playing around like am playing chess buh nw i got u baby i love u with all my heart
Am sry for the bad days am really sorry buh gotchu now ma love ope we do the match
Call me DRUM3R one more tym with sm love, last name ER ma fst letter D, yeah.
It could be us, mean cars
Nice trucks, fancy clothes sipping wine on boat
Don't sit so far away baby come close
I want y'all to myself and nobody else
Lets plan the future baby we can afford it
Am the perfect girlfriend anything u want ill pay for it
I'm the type to pay forward
Don't worry abt things, dreams turn into reality
I need you, oh baby, stop tripping
Lets go skinny dipping, i stay true love
And this is what show me? Lighten up
We could walk to the beach
If i made some type, I'm sorry
Love you either not the just for money
Riches of the rich (that could be us)
Never broke again (that could be us)
Smoking out Oceanside (that could be us)
Live the better life (that could be us)
All the hard work paid of ya
I'm here for you baby don't forget
Stay with me just don't leave my side
(that could be us)
It could be us riding in a new car
I feel you love buh ope thats God's plan
We could be chilling somewhere on the rooftop
Buh trust me love am Soon setting up mine
We could be all over the world and we will get there
So pray to great lord without wasting time
The best life is coming ahead bby love
DRUM3R will be a star our life gonna shine

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